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Iphone Wallpaper | iphone 8 Wallpaper Search Online

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The words iPhone wallpaper conjure up an image of the millions of iPhone users happily changing their iPhone wallpaper to suit their moods.

One of the most successful thing any business or product can manage to do is get itself widely (if not universally) identified by is brand name. Not every product has managed to do it but those that have have a huge break in that their advertising now becomes a simple matter of keeping the name in the public eye rather than the uphill battle that some products have to establish themselves.

Examples of these are Hoover for example. The Hoover vacuum cleaner was so successful that all competitors really battled to make any headway. And even when it was Electrolux or Dyson or some other brand name vacuum cleaner being used the activity was known as "hoovering"

Another example is Jeep, It doesn't matter what brand name 4WD you may be driving there are a large number of people who will understand what you mean if you say "My jeep".

Now Steve Jobs had sort of established it with the Apple Mac brand name. Admittedly although he had a minor market share in the PC market his users became fiercely loyal and his share started getting one way converts. (Many PC users converted to PowerBooks and the like and very few converted the other way)

And then he launched the iPod and iTunes and history was made. All of a sudden that prefix "i" belonged to Apple and the fact that online, digital music now became so pervasive that the manufacturers of portable CD Players and CDs (the disks) suddenly found that their units were no longer selling. Everything was converting to solids state MP3s and were being saved in an all pervasive directory known as iTunes.

A brilliant technology, the Mini Disk (MD) never got to take off because of the timing. iPods (which is what just about every MP3 players became known as) killed that technology rapidly. Nothing at all wrong with the technology, which was fantastic. It was just that it got overtaken by the success of the iPod.

And the success continued. The developments with mobile phones is another example of the market exploding. The cell system had been around for awhile but really needed massive expansion in the number of users to become viable. The first mobiles were big and clumsy, now they can be almost as small as a matchbox when folded up. 

The Japanese found they could make lenses and parts for digicams very cheaply as long as they could make enough so before one knew it not only did we have an explosion in cell phones, every cell phone had a camera. iPhone Wallpaper. If you look for a new iPad cover you .

It is so much more than a phone. Yes one can make telephone calls, take photographs and send SMS and MMS messages like all other phones but in addition it can function as a navigation system, an iPod a video camera, It can send and receive video messages and can act as a video phone. It is of course an internet terminal able to send and receive emails as well as surfing with its browser, Safari. (Not to mention the video and eReader functions) (As well as your individual iPhone Wallpaper)

So in one small pocket portable device one has more communication and convenience functions that were even dreamed of when the first iPods were launched. And more apps are coming on stream all the time. Right now the App Store has over 500,000 approved apps from a guitar to a poker game.

It is now wonder therefore that individual iPhone owners want to individualize their own device. One of the ways of doing that is putting up iPhone Wallpaper that suits you and there are thousands of examples of iPhone Wallpaper available available. Just search iPhone wallpaper and you will get more than thousend Pages.

So the good folk at have given a list of things to watch out for when installing one. The most important is to know its source. Check out the iPhone wallpaper that is available

Remember, that most downloads are complimentary, but, must emanate from a reputable site where there is no risk of viruses to your phone. With one elementary search on the net, you will yield many results, so merely how do you cognize when you have the correct site? Research. It all boils downwards to research and you must do your homework. iPhone Wallpaper Search is a trusted source.